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LAB is an international peer-reviewed journal which provides an outlet for cutting-edge studies on linguistic aspects of bilingualism. LAB assumes a broad definition of bilingualism, including work on: adult L2 acquisition/processing, simultaneous child bilingualism, child L2 acquisition/processing, adult and child heritage language bilingualism, L1 attrition in L2/Ln environments, and adult/child L3/Ln acquisition/processing. LAB publishes original research with a linguistic focus on the understanding of bilingual language acquisition and processing and the effects bilingualism has on cognition and the brain. LAB does not publish papers predominantly dealing with educational, psychological or social topics.

LABis celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2020/2021 and on this occasion, we are introducing a new Junior Researcher LAB award that will be awarded for the first time at EuroSLA in Barcelona in July 2021 (

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Ranking 16/183 in Linguistics (JCR 2018)