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St. André, James, ed. 2020. Translation and Time: migration, culture, and identity (Translation Studies). Kent, OH: Kent State University Press. 192 pp.
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This volume brings together 10 essays on the relation between temporality and translation, engaging in both theoretical reflection and consideration of concrete case studies. The first main theme is temporal metaphors for translation. The second theme is the relation between translation and modernity as a new experience of temporality. In China, the passage to modernity has been inextricably bound up in the act of translation, either of European texts into Chinese as a way of “importing” modernity or the translation of Chinese texts into European languages as a gauge of quality and a sign that China has become modern. Third is the translation of temporality and the competing temporalities of source and target texts. How are the nuances of temporality translated, and how do any shifts that occur affect the meaning of the translation?
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