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Herrero-Ruiz, Javier. 2021. Interpretations based on delayed-domain (dis)appearance in printed advertising: Expanding the analytical framework. Review of Cognitive Linguistics 19 (2) : 099–332.
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In the Cognitive Linguistics literature, the way viewers understand printed ads whose interpretation is based on metaphors and/or metonymies is conditioned by the principle whereby the source and target domains are called upon by the linguistic expression at roughly the same time (cf. Gibbs, 2006). Nonetheless, Herrero-Ruiz (2019) has shown how certain contextual effects are generated when one of the metaphoric/metonymic domains appears at a later stage in the interpretation process (direct vs. delayed domain appearance). This paper describes various analytical patterns grounded in this new perspective as well as the specific interpretive routes that they imply. In doing so, it offers an alternative to the existing approaches that try to account for the possible interpretations printed ads based on metaphors and/or metonymies may elicit.