Ch. 6 | Exercise 3

Chapter 6 | Exercise 3

Make a correlogram with squares of all variables in the data set pym_high (high-frequency nouns), using the Spearman correlation coefficient. See Chapter 4 for a description of the variables. Which variables are intercorrelated?

First, load the packages and the data set:

> library(Rling); library(corrgram) > data(pym_high)

Next, create a correlogram:

> corrgram(pym_high, cor.method = "spearman")

There are strong positive correlations (dark blue squares) are between the formal variables (length of words in letters and syllables). There are also strong positive correlations between the experimental measures (imagery, concreteness and the number of associations), although the correlations between the imagery and concreteness scores, on the one hand, and the number of associations, on the other hand, are more moderate than the one between the imagery and concreteness.