Message from the editors

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    Dear readers,

    After having served as co-editor of Target for eight years, I have opted to step down at the end of 2018. A rotation in editors is a healthy and good thing for a journal and it is time for someone else to enjoy the opportunity that I have had. At this juncture, my greatest sense is one of deep gratitude. I have been extremely fortunate to work with an utterly professional publishing team at John Benjamins, with an excellent editorial team at the journal, and with a very large number of pleasant, constructive, and generous referees. It has been a sincere pleasure to interact with the many members of our research community who are in contact with the journal as readers, guest editors or (potential) authors. Thank you all for making my years as co-editor rich and rewarding in so many ways, and for allowing me to serve the community in this way.

    Sandra Halverson

    It is with an expression of my personal gratitude that I want to reply to Sandra’s message. I cannot thank her enough for so generously sharing her scholarship, positive energy and friendship in the joint execution of our editorial responsibilities. But I can also speak on behalf of everyone else involved in Target in voicing our appreciation for her unconditional commitment to the journal in the past eight years. Sandra’s position as co-editor will now be filled by our esteemed colleague Haidee Kotze. We are delighted to welcome her!

    Sandra will remain connected to Target as a member of its new editorial board, whose composition has undergone several more changes. We thank all outgoing members for their help in maintaining the standards of Target throughout the years and very much look forward to working together with the new members.

    Finally, we also have to announce the replacement of Lore Vandevoorde as the journal’s Multilingual Website Editor by Daria Dayter. Lore is about to embark on a new career which will largely take her out of academia. She has given Target’s multilingual initiative a massive boost, for which she deserves praise and gratitude expressed in a dozen languages at least. We feel reassured in the knowledge that the project is safe in the expert hands of her successor.

    Dirk Delabastita