Review article
Verb Metaphors under Translation Uwe Kjär. "Der Schrank seufzt": Metaphern im Bereich des Verbs und ihre Übersetzung
Göteborg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis, 1988. 171 pp. (Göteborger Germanistische Forschungen, 30). SEK 95.-

Gideon Toury

Table of contents

Like so many other scholarly books, the present volume represents a doctoral dissertation. It is devoted to occasional, or "living" metaphors of one particular brand, the one represented by the title-metaphor, "Der Schrank seufzt" (literally: 'the cupboard sighs'), which are examined as regards three aspects: basic traits, initial translatability across languages and actual behaviour under translation. Following the author, the abbreviation VM(A) (for "verb metaphors, type A") will be used throughout the review to designate this brand.

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