Book review
M. Gallego Roca. Traducción y literatura: los estudios literarios ante las obras traducidas
Madrid: Júcar, 1994. 200 p. ISBN 84-334-8312-9
M. Gallego Roca. Poesía importada: Traducción poética y renovación literaria en España (1909–1936)
Universidad de Almería, 1996. 324 p. ISBN 84-8240-038-X

Reviewed by Juan J. Zaro
Table of contents

Polysystem theory is slowly catching on in the so far splendidly isolated studies of Spanish literary history. However, it is something of a paradox that the two only introductions to the theory in Spanish (Gallego Roca 1994 and Iglesias Santos 1994) have been written by scholars who are not, at least nominally, in Translation Studies, but in the field of Spanish literature. And perhaps this is as it should be: They can detect the influences of foreign texts in the national literature, relate these influences to the stylistic features of a given genre or period, and also compare an author's translations with his/her own creative work. Perhaps they might find a bit more difficult the analysis and comparison of translations, although this difficulty does not manifest itself in the books reviewed here given the knowledge of Translation Studies displayed by the author.

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