New books at a glance
Henri Bloemen, Erik Hertog & Winibert Segers, eds. Letterlijkheid/Woordelijkheid—Literality/Verbality
Antwerpen-Harmelen: Fantom, 1995. 317 pp. ISBN 90-5495-516-3 (Nieuwe Cahiers voor Vertaalwetenschap, 4).

Reviewed by Jacqueline Hulst
Table of contents

    It might seem as if casting a glance, or even looking in greater detail through a book of more than three hunderd densely printed pages, with no fewer than twenty-four articles on a wide range of subjects written from very different angles, is an impossible undertaking—doomed to produce a mere enumeration of the different contributions. However, a brief analysis of the situational context may prevent the reviewer from falling into this trap.

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