Book review
Hans J. Vermeer. Das Übersetzen im Mittelalter (13. und 14. Jahrhundert), Band 1:Das arabisch-lateinische Mittelalter.
Heidelberg: TEXTconTEXT, 1996. ix + 389 pp. ISBN 3-9805370-4-8 (Teil 1) / 3-9805370-3-X (Gesamtwerk)

Reviewed by Anthony Pym
Table of contents

This is a courageous work, part of an even more courageous project to survey the history of translation single-namedly through a series of "Skizzen" or "sketches", [ p. 150 ]apparently without pretence to completeness, linearity or a balanced approach. Lesser spirits might have awaited teamwork or sought a more rounded first-hand grasp of actual translation situations. Yet that's not what counts here: Vermeer's history is formed by a constantly questioning mind meandering to and from secondary sources, with at least as much attention on the historian as on the past.

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