Book review
Hans J. Vermeer. Das Übersetzen im Mittelalter (13. und 14. Jahrhun-dert), Band 2: Deutsch als Zielsprache.
Heidelberg: TEXTconTEXT, 1996. 328 + 12 pp. ISBN 3-9805370-5-6 (Teil 2) / 3-9805370-3-X (Gesamtwerk)

Reviewed by Mariá Riutort i Riutort
Table of contents

    This second volume of Vermeer's "sketches" of medieval translation looks at literary translations into German in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries (which he strangely insists on labelling the "High" Middle Ages). The study leaves aside translations of pragmatic texts (in fields such as medicine or biology), choosing instead to cover the following topics: religious lyrical verse at the beginnings of Middle High German, translations into Middle High German, translations and reworkings of the Arthurian legends at the apogee of German courtly culture, translations and re-elaborations of other thematic material; the literature of the declining courtly culture, and mystic literature. The survey closes with an excellent collection of medieval fragments on translation.

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