Book review
Douglas Robinson. Becoming a Translator: An Accelerated Course
London and New York: Routledge, 1997. xii + 330 pp. ISBN 0-415-14860-X (hbk, £ 45.00)./ 0-415-14861-8 (pbk, £ 14.99).

Reviewed by Jean Delisle
Table of contents

    An associate professor of English at the University of Mississippi, Douglas Robinson is a prolific and well-known author in translation studies. Literature, history of translation and teaching of translation are his main areas of interest. In the last seven years, he has published, among other works, The Translator's Turn (1991), Translation and Taboo (1996), Western Translation Theory, From Herodotus to Nietzsche (1991) and What is Translation? (1997). As an associate professor of Finnish-English translation theory and practice in an English department in Finland, he taught literary translation, technical translation and translation studies. He is also a freelance translator. Becoming a Translator reflects this varied experience.

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