Book review
Francisco Lafarga, ed. El teatro Europeo en la España del Siglo XVIII
Lleida: Edicions Universitat de Lleida, 1997. 442 pp. ISBN 84-89727-24-4

Reviewed by Raquel Merino
Table of contents

European Theatre in 18th Century Spain, edited by Francisco Lafarga, is a great achievement, for it is the product of collaborative research, the noteworthy result of a truly joint effort, very much in the line of what Susan Bassnett envisages as the future of translation (and cultural) studies (Bassnett 1997: 19). This volume is also the result, as duly quoted by the editor, of research done under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry for Education and Culture. Furthermore, seen in a European context, this collective work proves once more that serious investigations are under way in Spain in the field of TS, on translations as facts of our culture.

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