Book review
Domingo Sánchez-Mesa Martinez, José Lambert, Daniel Apollon & Jef Van den Branden, eds. Crosscultural and Linguistic Perspectives on European Open and Distance Learning
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: Transcult/Universidad de Granada, 1997. 195 pp. ISBN 84-8264-144-1 (Transcult, 1).

Reviewed by Anthony Pym

Table of contents

    Open and Distance Learning (ODL) will undoubtedly become a key part of the life-long learning patterns that our societies increasingly call for, and not just in Europe. Yet the use of the internet and videoconferencing to extend our classes across cultural borders presents numerous challenges that need to be addressed through reflection and empirical research. A major part of the challenge, especially in a uniting Europe, is the language component: What languages are to be used in ODL? Who has the right to select and control them? In what circumstances should translation play a role in crosscultural education? This book is most timely to the extent that it raises these questions and points to ways in which concrete answers might be found.

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