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Robert Hodgson & Paul A. Soukup s.j., eds. From One Medium to Another: Basic Issues for Communicating the Scriptures in New Media
New York-Kansas City: American Bible Society-Sheed & Ward, 1997. 379 pp. ISBN 0-8267-0034-9 (ABS version) / 1-55612-968-8 (Sheed & Ward version)

Reviewed by Caroline Vander Stichele
Table of contents

    From One Medium to Another is a collection of articles based on the papers presented at a Symposium organised by the American Bible Society (ABS) on September 7-9, 1995 at Bible House in New York City. The central question around which the Symposium convened, was: "How can the meaning of texts, especially biblical texts, be translated and communicated faithfully into media other than print?" Key experts from a variety of disciplines addressed both theoretical and practical issues raised by this question.

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