Book review
Susan Bassnett & André Lefevere. Constructing Cultures: Essays on Literary Translation
Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 1998. xxii + 143 pp. ISBN 1-85359-352-4 £ 14.95 US$ 26.95 (Topics in Translation, 11).

Reviewed by Ritva Leppihalme
Table of contents

One more joint book by Bassnett and Lefevere is something that translation scholars hardly dared hope for. André Lefevere’s untimely death might have put an end to this project, but as Susan Bassnett explains in her personal preface (pp. vii-viii), the essays of the book already existed in draft form at the time, allowing her to undertake the work [ p. 177 ]needed to finalise them for publication, even though it was no longer possible for the two scholars to engage in dialogic interaction, as had been their method with earlier collaborations. She deserves to be thanked for completing this book.

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