Book review
Lynne Bowker, Michael Cronin, Dorothy Kenny & Jennifer Pearson, eds. Unity in Diversity?: Current Trends in Translation Studies.
Manchester: St Jerome, 1998. xii + 196 pp. £ 24.00. ISBN 1-900650-15-0

Reviewed by Zuzana Jettmarová
Table of contents

    Unity in Diversity reflects the current stage of the development in Translation Studies—the diversity in focus, methodology, conceptual framework and terminology. It aspires to unity of the diverse approaches represented by 19 papers in order to demonstrate the capacity of the discipline for dealing with a wide range of translational phenomena. In the search for a general framework that would demonstrate “the merits of unity and the virtues of diversity” (p. vii), the four editors argue that fragmentation is a necessary process in the development of science, and that ignoring the effect of new [ p. 191 ]technologies on the nature of practice, or leaving aside approaches deemed irrelevant would not do justice to the discipline.

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