Relative Stability and Stable Relativity

Kirsten Malmkjær
Middlesex University, London
Table of contents

While the general spirit of co-operation that has prompted and permeates this Forum article is certainly welcome, one or two rather worrying things are suggested by it (I know that they are not true; but appearances can be important). One is that we read hardly anything except ourselves, and that we don’t acknowledge what we do read: There are two references at the end of the article, one to each author; but none to Rosch, whose prototype notion is made use of (point 12). The other is that this (apparent) lack of serious scholarly application causes us to return to the same issues over and over, endlessly reinventing the wheel. It might be more helpful to make use of the wheels that already exist to propel ourselves forward; but to do that successfully, we must study the nature of these wheels, and it is not at all clear that we have done so.

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