Book review
Mary Snell-Hornby, Hans G. Hönig, Paul Kußmaul & Peter A. Schmitt, Hrsg. Handbuch Translation
Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 1998. xii + 434 pp. ISBN 3-86057-990-8 DM 98,- (geb.)./ 3-86057-991-6 DM 64,- (kt.)

Reviewed by Monika Krein-Kühle
Table of contents

This Handbuch Translation (translation handbook), which has been jointly edited by the above translation scholars, is a one-volume set of 114 thematically arranged and signed entries, all of them in German. The articles were written by an international group of 72 contributors, both translation scholars and practitioners, mostly from German-speaking countries.

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