Book review
Cecilia Wadensjö. Interpreting as Interaction
London-New York: Longman, 1998. xxi + 312 pp. ISBN 0 582 28910-6 (Pb.) £ 15.99 / $ 25.95./ 0 582 28911-4 (Hb.) £ 42.00 / $ 68.99 (Language in Social Life Series).

Reviewed by Franz Pöchhacker
Table of contents

In the Translation Studies community at large, Cecilia Wadensjö’s name and work may be familiar only to those who focus on the oral variety of translation as their field of interest and research. Anyone linked with the emerging discipline of community interpreting, however, whether from an academic or a professional point of view, will know Interpreting as Interaction, which was first published in 1992 in a Swedish dissertation series (Wadensjö 1992), as a seminal work. To some, then, the present review may seem like a case of “revisiting the classics”, as practiced so commendably in another journal of our field. Far from a reprinting venture, however, the book under review merits fresh attention as the authoritative version of Wadensjö’s groundbreaking approach to interaction-oriented discourse-based research on interpreting.

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