Book review
Andrew Chesterman. Contrastive Functional Analysis
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1998. viii + 230 pp. ISBN Hb.: 90 272 5060 X (Eur.) Hfl 118../ 1-55619-809-4 (US.) $ 59 (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 47).

Reviewed by Elda Weizman
Ramat Gan
Table of contents

The notion of Contrastive Functional Analysis (CFA) is put forward by Andrew Chesterman as a research methodology which “starts from perceived similarities of meaning across two or more languages, and seeks to determine the various ways in which these similar or shared meanings are expressed in different languages” (p. 1). This method, he suggests, has important implications for the study of cross-cultural behavior patterns in general and translation studies in particular, for foreign and second language teaching, and for language-awareness education in a single language. The book systematically supports and illustrates these claims, and merits a serious and careful reading.

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