Book review
Robin Setton. Simultaneous Interpretation: A Cognitive-pragmatic Analysis
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1999. xv + 397 pp. ISBN Hb.: 90 272 1631 2 (Eur.) Hfl. 158./ 1 55619 712 8 (US.) $ 79. (Benjamins Translation Library, 28).

Reviewed by Daniel Gile
Table of contents

Several features make this densely written, highly technical book, based on a [ p. 178 ]1997 doctoral thesis, particularly interesting: It is the result of considerable theoretical reflection, is tangibly interdisciplinary, imports into interpreting research (IR) relevant linguistic concepts and theories in a highly integrated way, and presents a detailed linguistic description of a set of corpora, incorporating the Chinese-English combination. After a brief description of the book’s content, this review offers a more evaluative account.

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