Book review
Peter A. Schmitt. Translation und Technik.
Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 1999. 454 pp. ISBN 3-86057-245-8 DM 124,00 (Studien zur Translation, 6).

Reviewed by Rainer Barczaitis and Bruce W. Irwin
Table of contents

Peter A. Schmitt has become one of the foremost authorities on translation in Germany today, so that when he publishes a new book on “Translation and Engineering” the first question is not whether the book reflects a high level of scholarship. One is more likely to ask what aspects of technical translation are covered in the new publication, and at what depth. As Schmitt’s former publications range from very practical aids for working translators (such as bilingual technical dictionaries and discussions of new software for translators) to studies of the role of translators in our society to more theoretical approaches to translation, the title of the current book does little to delimit the range of aspects covered.

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