Book review
Hans P. Krings. Repairing texts: Empirical investigations of machine translation post-editing processes
(Texte reparieren: Empirische Untersuchungen zum Prozeß der Nachredaktion von Maschinenübersetzungen). Ed. by Geoffrey S. Koby. , transl. by Geoffrey S. Koby, Gregory M. Shreve, Katja Mischerikow & Sarah Lister. Kent, Ohio and London: The Kent State University Press, 2001. xii + 636 pp. ISBN 0-87388-671-X (Translation Studies, 5).

Reviewed by Arnt Lykke Jakobsen
Table of contents

The odds that a German 636-page postdoctoral thesis from 1994 entitled Texte reparieren: Empirische Untersuchungen zum Prozeß der Nachredaktionvon Maschinenübersetzungen would be translated into English and published in the US in 2001 would not appear to be very good, but Geoffrey Koby, Gregory Shreve and their associates made it happen and deserve much credit for having added this fine volume to the Kent State Translation Studies series. It is beautifully produced, well translated (with just a slight German flavour), and knowledgeably edited with an introduction taking the post-editing situation up to the present time. Translation researchers are not generally well-informed about what goes on in the heads of colleagues working in foreign languages and countries. The present volume gives those operating primarily in English an excellent opportunity to study what goes on in the workshop of one of the most original and creative hypothesis builders and one of the most systematic and explicitly methodical researchers in the field.

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