Book review
Daniel Gile, Helle V. Dam, Friedel Dubslaff, Bodil Martinsen & Anne Schjoldager, eds. Getting started in interpreting research: Methodological reflections, personal accounts and advice for beginners
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2001. xiv + 255 pp. ISBN 90-272-1638-X (Eur.) €34.03./ 1-58811-128-8 (US) $ 68 (Benjamins Translation Library, 33).

Reviewed by Robin Setton
Table of contents

    This volume is an original and useful departure in the area of interpreting research. The collection grew out of the (rather belated) proceedings of a 1997 research-training seminar at Århus in Denmark and is offered as a guide to prospective thesis writers and their supervisors. The 13 papers can be roughly classed into three groups—advice on good research practices, personal ‘via doctorosa’narratives, and visits to institutions.

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