Book review
Cees Koster. From world to world: An armamentarium for the study of poetic discourse in translation
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 2000. 261 pp. ISBN 90-420-1392-3 EUR 41.00 / USD 51.00. (Approaches to Translation Studies, 16).

Reviewed by Francis R. Jones
Table of contents

Very few book-length volumes devoted to poetry translation have appeared in recent years. There have been collections of articles or compilations of translator interviews, it is true. But as regards single-author, single-line-of-argument treatments of poetry translation, little has appeared since Lefevere (1975) and De Beaugrande (1978). It is about time for a new look at the subject, in other words. Thus, as both a poetry translator and a poetry translation researcher, I opened Koster’s volume with eager anticipation.

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