Book review
Monika Doherty. Language processing in discourse: A key to felicitous translation
London and New York: Routledge, 2002. xiv + 190 pp. ISBN 0-415-28189-X £ 55 (Routledge studies in Germanic philology, 9).

Reviewed by Sandra L. Halverson
Table of contents

This book is aimed at students and teachers of German and English, as well as researchers, students and teachers of translation. As it also deals with issues of relevance to linguistics in general, it is also directed at linguists. The author’s main theoretical concern is with the role of typological characteristics in determining the stylistic preferences of language users. In the author’s view, the characteristics of language systems are influential in two main areas: language processing and discourse. Accordingly, the specific area of prime interest in this treatment is information structure, as it represents “... the most important area where the typological characteristics of a language interact with language processing in discourse” (p. ix).

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