Book review
Elke Teich. Cross-linguistic variation in system and text: A methodology for the investigation of translations and comparable texts
Berlin-New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2003. x + 276 pp. ISBN 3-11-017615-7 € 68 (Text, Translation, Computational Processing, 5).

Reviewed by Monika Doherty
Table of contents

The book aims at bridging the gap between contrastive linguistics and Translation Studies, concentrating on English and German texts. It examines two basic assumptions about the characteristics of translated texts by comparing them with the characteristics of non-translated texts in source and target languages. The features selected for comparison are chosen on the basis of their obvious frequencies as well as their computational accessibility. There are altogether twelve features, taken from a six-dimensional representation of language functions within the theoretical framework of systemic functional linguistics.

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