Book review
Susan Petrilli, ed. Translation translation
Amsterdam–New York, NY: Rodopi, 2003. 660 pp. ISBN 90-420-0947-0 € 130 / USD 155 (Approaches to Translation Studies, 21).

Reviewed by Andrew Chesterman
Table of contents

This mainly semiotic miscellany contains 36 essays on a wide variety of topics. The main idea is that the notion of translation can be used in many other senses besides its basic one. Most of the contributers work within a semiotic framework, and several essays look at what “translation” might mean in other fields. There is almost no linguistics; there are very few textual examples (of these, most are literary texts) or reports of empirical research. Most of the essays are fairly short exercises in conceptual analysis. They tend to consider translation as something, or something as translation.

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