Book review
Fortunato Israël, dir. Identité, altérité, équivalence ?: La traduction comme relation
Actes du Colloque International tenu à l’ÉSIT les 24, 25 en 26 mai 2000 en hommage à Marianne Lederer.Paris-Caen: Lettres Modernes Minard, 2002. 376 pp. ISBN 2-256-91048-2 (Cahiers Champollion, 5).

Reviewed by Daniel Gile
Table of contents

This collective volume includes papers (mostly in French) from a conference organized in Paris by ESIT (École Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs) in May 2000 to pay tribute to Marianne Lederer on her retirement as Principal of the School (http://​www​.univ​-paris3​.fr​/esit​/colloque​-mai2000​.html). Such a collective volume can only be of interest to the Translation Studies community: ESIT played a leading role in interpreter and translator training in the 1970s and in the 1980s, but lost much of its visibility as the field of Translation Studies (TS) developed in the nineties. A new ESIT publication is a good opportunity to acquaint oneself with developments in and around the school. Moreover, active researchers from the international TS community were invited to the conference, and the interaction is also of interest. Such interaction could have been organized in panel discussions, but is only reflected in the Q&A sessions.

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