Book review
Alice Leal. Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Reflections on Translation Theory and Practice in Brazil
(Transkulturalität – Translation – Transfer 12). Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2014. 334 pp.

Reviewed by Álvaro Echeverri
Publication history
Table of contents

In his reply to Chesterman and Arrojo’s (2000) call for finding common ground in translation studies, Gentzler (2001) evoked Arrojo’s frustration with the limited knowledge that North American and European translation studies scholars have exhibited of Haroldo de Campos’ ideas about translation. As Alice Leal demonstrates, the lack of knowledge is not restricted to Haroldo de Campos, it applies to the whole of translation studies in Brazil. By means of a very detailed, well-informed and refined analysis of some of the most influential publications of two Brazilian authors in translation studies, Rosemary Arrojo and Paulo Henriques Brito, Leal’s book opens a window for readers to take a closer look at the translation landscape in Brazil.

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