Book review
Lawrence Venuti, ed. Teaching Translation: Programs, Courses, Pedagogies
London: Routledge, 2017. xv, 259 pp.

Reviewed by Sara Laviosa
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The development of the academic discipline of translation studies in the last two decades is reflected in the increasing number of undergraduate and graduate translation programs worldwide. Recent estimates reveal a steady growth from 250 in 1994 (Caminade and Pym 1995) to over 600 (Kim 2013). Research on translator education has been predominantly informed by functionalist (Nord 2005), social constructivist (Kiraly 2000; González-Davies 2004) and linguistic approaches to translation (Baker 2011; Zanettin 2012). The pedagogies that have been developed within these frameworks are utilized mainly for the development of translator and interpreter skills. Research into the pedagogies adopted to teach translation theory, or such other domains as history of translation and world literature, is largely underrepresented within the discipline.

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