Book review
Gabriel González Núñez & Reine Meylaerts, eds. Translation and Public Policy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Case Studies
New York and London: Routledge, 2017. viii + 178 pp.

Reviewed by An Du
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Publication history
Table of contents

The volume under review is a welcome addition to an evolving domain straddling translation and public policy. More specifically, it focuses on translation policy, that is, the role that translation plays in the public sphere. This “applied” area was duly included in Holmes’s groundbreaking “map” of Translation Studies (TS) (Holmes [1972] 2000), but it remained of secondary importance in the early years of TS, largely due to its all-encompassing character (Meylaerts 2011). In a way, the name and nature of translation policy has never been fully enunciated until its interface with language policy was recently developed under the umbrella term of public policy. This was an important step forward, conceptually and methodologically, which we owe to a number of pioneering publications including, for example, Meylaerts (2011), González Núñez (2016a, 2016b), D’hulst, O’Sullivan and Schreiber (2016), and Valero-Garcés and Tipton (2017).

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