Book review
Myriam Diocaretz & Marta Segarra, eds. Joyful Babel: Translating Hélène Cixous
Amsterdam-New York, NY: Rodopi, 2004. 223 pp. ISBN 90-420-0989-6 € 50 / USD. 65 (Approaches to Translation Studies, 22).

Reviewed by Michaela Wolf
Table of contents

Giving the voice to an author’s translators is not an uncommon task: This has been proved by examples like Umberto Eco, Claudio Magris: autori e traduttori a confronto, where the authors’ translators talk about their experiences in translating the works into various languages (Avirovic and Dodds 1993), or Elfriede Jelinek. Die internationale Rezeption (Bartens and Pechmann 1997), which was compiled by Elfriede Jelinek’s translators, highlights the nearly impossible task of translating Jelinek’s very specific discourse(s) into other languages. This volume successfully adds to this concept.

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