Book review
Piotr Sulikowski. Der literarische Text und I-Faktoren in der Übersetzung. Anhand ausgewählter Werke Zbigniew Herberts im Deutschen und Englischen. Eine kontrastive trilinguale Analyse
(Studien zur Germanistik, Skandinavistik und Übersetzungskultur). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2016. 355 pp.

Reviewed by Jenny Brumme
Publication history
Table of contents

In this study Piotr Sulikowski investigates literary translation, in particular of poetry, focusing on four factors that he terms I-factors and considers essential for any analysis of literary texts. These I-factors are intertextuality, intersemioticity, indexicality, and interculturality. Sulikowski applies this general theoretical framework to the translation challenges inherent in works by Zbigniew Herbert (1924–1998), one of the best known and most translated post-war Polish writers. Sulikowski analyses selected pieces translated into German and English, but he also pays special attention to a contrastive analysis of the three languages under consideration (Polish-German-English).

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