Book review
Erika Fischer-Lichte, Fritz Paul, Brigitte Schultze & Horst Turk, eds. Soziale und theatralische Konventionen als Problem der Dramenübersetzung
Tübingen: Narr, 1988. 177 pp. ISBN 3-8233-4020-4 (Forum modernes Theater, Schriftenreihe, Bd. 1).

Reviewed by Frank Peeters
Table of contents

In 1988, Gunter Narr Verlag launched a Schriftenreihe to supplement its prestigious theatre magazine Forum modernes Theater, published since 1986. This series of independent, book-length studies is intended to provide a forum for more thorough research into the theatre. The collection of essays under review forms [ p. 125 ]the first volume of this Schriftenreihe.It is basically the product of a subgroup within the Sonderforschungsbereich "Die literarische Übersetzung", active in Göttingen since 1985, whose central aim is to investigate specific problems in the field of drama and theatre translation from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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