Book review
Norbert Bachleitner & Michaela Wolf, eds. Soziologie der literarischen Übersetzung
(= Special Issue of Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur 29:2). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer, 2004. vi + 255 pp. ISBN 0340-4528 42 €

Reviewed by Mary Snell-Hornby
Table of contents

Over the past few years the sociology of translation has become a vital issue in Translation Studies, and this collection of essays and interviews, seen by the Editors in their Introduction to “pave the way for the sociology of literary translation” (p. 1) is a substantial contribution to the debate. Starting out from Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of the “literary field” (Bourdieu 1992/1996), the volume examines translation as “soziales Handeln” (action in society), from the macrostructures of the global market (dominant vs. peripheral languages, publishing practice and policy, literary agents) to the personal convictions of individual translators.

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