Book review
Sabine Braun. Kommunikation unter widrigen Umständen: Fallstudien zu einsprachigen und gedolmetschten Videokonferenzen
Tübingen:: Gunter Narr, 2004. viii + 352 pp. ISBN 3-8233-6068-X 49.90 € (Tübinger Beiträge zur Linguistik, 475).

Reviewed by Sylvia Kalina
Table of contents

This volume by German linguist and translatologist Sabine Braun describes video conference (VC) communication as a communication technique which is typical of our time, with the growing trend towards exchanging information and messages using the most advanced technological data transmission facilities. The ease with which people can be contacted without having to travel, but also the problems connected with this type of communication are discussed with special emphasis on the complexities of bilingual videoconferences mediated by interpreters. Chapter 1 describes monolingual VC communication and explains its specific conditions, complexities and the problems caused by factors such as speech overlap as a consequence of transmission conditions. Its main concern, then, is to analyse how participants adapt to these conditions. Chapter 2 presents the state of the art of interpreting studies and contrasts theoretical results obtained in the discipline with the practical concerns of interpreters. The more complex situation of interpreting in VC conditions is discussed in Chapter 3, where the author demonstrates that problems arising in monolingual, or, for that matter, unmediated bilingual VC communication are multiplied when interpretation comes in to overcome linguistic problems and ensure optimum comprehension between communication partners.

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