Book review
Theo Hermans, ed. Translating Others
Volume.Manchester, UK & Kinderhook, USA: St. Jerome, 2006. 256 pp. ISBN 1-900650-84-3 22.50 £Manchester, UK & Kinderhook, USA: St. Jerome, 2006. 271 pp./ 1-900650-85-1 22.50 £

Reviewed by Michaela Wolf
Table of contents

The “Other” is undoubtedly one of the key issues in many academic disciplines of the past few decades. In Translation Studies, this issue has been dealt with extensively and from varying perspectives, mainly in the wake of the so-called “cultural turn” and its impact on questions regarding power relations and ideology-related topics. These two volumes, which are the result of a three year-project and four adjunct workshop conferences, run by the University College London and the School of Oriental and African Studies, mark a certain milestone in this area. They are a collection of contributions which explore traditional translation concepts from both a postmodern and a poststructuralist viewpoint and for the most part question Western hegemonic views of general transfer of knowledge, representation, and displacement.

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