Book review
Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov. La tierce main. Le discours rapporté dans les traductions françaises de Fielding au XVIIIe siècle
Arras: Artois Presses Université, 2006. 278 pp. ISBN 2-84832-038-9 €22 (Traductologie).

Reviewed by Beatrijs Vanacker
Table of contents

“Translation is a sort of interlingual reported speech, whereby the translator quotes, one after the other, and with a global imitative aim, the fragments which, according to him, make out the essential features of a text, in relation to the skopos of the target text” (p. 61). This is one of the fundamental (hypo)theses on which Kristiina Taivalkoski’s work, the published version of her 2003 doctoral dissertation, is constructed. Starting from this general assumption, on which she comments only briefly (pp. 57–61), but which is regularly evoked throughout the book, Taivalkoski’s main interest lies with the translation of reported speech in the French versions of three major novels by Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews (1742), Tom Jones (1749) and Amelia (1752).

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