Book review
Delia Chiaro, Christine Heiss & Chiara Bucaria, eds. Between Text and Image. Updating research in screen translation
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2008. x + 292 pp. ISBN 978-90-272-1687-8 99 € 149 USD (Benjamins Translation Library, 78).

Reviewed by Agnieszka Szarkowska
Table of contents

Audiovisual translation (AVT)—or, as the editors of the volume under review have it, screen translation—is without doubt one of the fastest growing areas in Translation Studies. The flurry of activity can be seen on many planes, including AVT research. This ground, admittedly, was covered before by different authors in isolated articles (see for example a section on AVT research in Orero 2004, Chaume 2002, Gambier 2006a and 2006b), but the time has now come for AVT research to merit a book.

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