Book review
Isabel García Izquierdo. Divulgación médica y traducción: El género Información para pacientes
Bern: Peter Lang, 2009. 142 pp. ISBN 978-3-03911-698-0

Reviewed by An Van Hecke and Cornelia Wermuth
Table of contents

This small book is the product of the author’s involvement in the project Géneros Textuales para la Traducción (Text Genres for Translation, GENTT) conducted at the Spanish Universitat Jaume I since 2000. It is aimed at domain specialists (physicians) and specialist translators, mainly those active in the medical field. The author focuses on the so-called Fact Sheet for Patients, a familiar genre in English. Although also in Spanish this text type is widely spread, a standardized name for the genre has not yet been established. This is evidenced by the many cooccurring synonyms such as folleto informativo, folleto divulgativo, educación para la salud etc. For this reason the author dedicates a substantial part of her study to the elaboration of an appropriate genre definition. Based on both quantitative and qualitative data the author defines the genre as Información para pacientes (hence the title of the book) and she convincingly demonstrates the importance of her study compared with other previous studies of medical genres. Unlike other studies which focus primarily on terminology, this study also considers syntax, grammar, general lexis and macro-structural aspects, which indeed provides a more comprehensive approach to this text genre. One of the conclusions that might be especially interesting concerns the register used in Spanish and English. The analysis shows that the register in both languages is very similar. The author points out that this is a fundamental aspect for the translator who has to be conscious of this similarity in register in both languages when translating texts of this genre.

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