Book review
Basil Hatim & Ian Mason. Discourse and the Translator.
London and New York: Longman, 1990. xiv + 258 pp. ISBN 0-582-02190-1 (PPR) / 0-582-05925-9 (CSD) (Language in Social Life Series).

Reviewed by Nils Erik Enkvist
Table of contents

    Discourse and the Translator, by Basil Hatim and Ian Mason of Heriot-Watt University at Edinburgh, is a book in quest of a subtitle. Books on discourse have had a way of multiplying in the past several years, and so have books on translation. What is remarkable of Hatim's and Mason's contribution is its success in fitting into a compact format a bird's-eye view of those parts of linguistics that bear on translation, as well as an appreciation of translation not only as a technical exercise but, and above all, as a social and pragmatic undertaking.

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