Book review
Wolfgang Lörscher. Translation Performance, Translation Process, and Translation Strategies: A Psycholinguistic Investigation.
Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1991. 307 pp. DM 76,-.. ISBN 3-8233-4074-3 (Language in Performance, 4).

Reviewed by Don Kiraly
Table of contents

This work is a dissertation-style report on a multiple-case study of mental problem-solving strategies used by German learners of English while producing oral translations of written texts. Strategies are defined as potentially conscious procedures for solving translation problems. The author's main interest is in the mental processes involved in "natural" translation as performed by L2 learners with no professional translation training. From a Translation Studies perspective, this focus poses some problems which will be addressed below.

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Lörscher, Wolfgang
1989 “Models of the Translation Process: Claim and Reality”. Target 1:1. 43–68.   DOI logoGoogle Scholar