New books at a glance
Patrice Pavis. Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture.
London: Routledge, 1992. vii + 219 pp. ISBN Hb.: 0-414-06037-0 / Pbk.: 415-06038-9 £10.99.

Reviewed by Sirkku Aaltonen
Table of contents

    The work of Patrice Pavis, one of the leading poststructuralist theatre semioticians, has been available only in individual essays, and, with few exceptions, only in French. Now the essays, written between 1983 and 1988, have been brought together and translated into English as Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture. The essays, which form the eight chapters of the book, concentrate on the relationship [ p. 263 ]between theatre and other forms of culture, and Pavis has attempted to retrace the path from text to stage from a classical model to a global model of interculturalism.

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