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Cees W. Schoneveld. 't Word grooter plas: maar niet zo 't was. Nederlandse beschouwingen over vertalen (1670-1760).
's-Graven-hage: Stichting Bibliographia Neerlandica, 1992. 150 pp. ISBN 90-71313-40-9 Hfl. 29,50.

Reviewed by Patrick De Rynck
Table of contents

    In the Dutch series with the untranslatable name "Vertaalhistorie", this volume is the first of six promising collections of "Dutch considerations on translating". I call them promising because this 'sextet' will give Dutch translation studies an overall picture of seven hundred years of thinking about translation, a luxury without counterpart elsewhere! Cees Schoneveld has anthologized 38 texts situated in the period 1670- 1760, and has written a short introduction. He explains his terminus post quern as the starting point of long-term debates, and his terminus post quern non as the developing period of periodicals, the platforms for a new kind of translation discourse. Most of the texts in this collection were written by translators, and functioned as dedications or prefaces. Many of them try to answer in advance criticism and therefore use all rhetorical tricks available: these manipulating texts have to be read carefully by the historian. Schoneveld states that there are practically no studies available on this period of the Dutch translation history. He humbly presents his work as "a collection of statements brought together more or less at random" (p. 5).

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