Book review
Wolfram Wilss. Übersetzungsfertigkeit: Annäherungen an einen komplexen übersetzungspraktischen Begriff.
Tübingen: Narr, 1992. x + 249 pp. ISBN 3-8233-5041-2 DM 39,80 (Tübingen Beiträge zur Linguistik, 376).

Reviewed by John Laffling
Table of contents

Any book which aims to transfuse into the 'bloodstream' of translation studies—which, according to some scholars at least (e.g. Toury 1991: 63), has long been suffering from stagnation—insights from a neighbouring discipline such as cognitive psychology should, on the face of it, be guaranteed a warm reception. Unfortunately, however, the book in question suffers from a number of shortcomings which lead the present reviewer to believe that the welcome will be more muted in nature.

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