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Michael Hann. The Key to Technical Translation, 1: Concept Specification; 2: Terminology/Lexicography.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1992. xviii + 230 pp. xv + 248 pp. ISBN 90-272-2122-7 (hbk.) Hfl. 200,-./ 90-272-2123-5 (pbk) Hfl 100,-

Reviewed by Bruce W. Irwin and Erhard Eydam
Table of contents

    Although engineering texts make up a considerable proportion of all texts translated professionally, little has been published to help translators deal with some of the practical problems involved. This is what Michael Hann attempts in The Key to Technical Translation. It would, of course, be completely impossible to deal with all of the problems associated with technical translation in two volumes. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Hann limits his coverage: his two main goals are to introduce his readers to some of the basic concepts underlying various fields of science and engineering, and to provide them with a system for handling technical terminology.

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