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Clem Robyns, ed. Translation and the (Re)production of Culture: Selected Papers of the CERA Research Seminars in Translation Studies 1989–1991.
Leuven: The CERA Chair for Translation, Communication and Cultures, 1994. 321 pp. BF 900/$ 30 (Publications of The CERA Chair for Translation, Communication and Cultures, 2).

Reviewed by John S. Dixon
Table of contents

    The focus on translation and on its relation to problems of inter-cultural communication in an increasingly global context lies at the heart of the work of the CERA Seminars at Leuven, which, as Clem Robyns points out in his introduction to this volume, have now been running for six years. Within the broad methodological framework established by the Tel Aviv group led by Professor Gideon Toury, the CERA Seminars have provided a very open forum for debate, with graduate students clearly making a valuable contribution. This volume covers the period 1989 to 1991 in which the Chair Professors were Gideon Toury (1989), Hans J. Vermeer (1990) and Susan Bassnett (1991).

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