Book review
Franz Pöchhacker. Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln.
Tübingen: Narr, 1994. xii + 306 pp. DM 78,-.. ISBN 3-8233-4079-4 (Language in Performance, 10).

Reviewed by Daniel Gile
Table of contents

    Franz Pöchhacker, a practicing conference interpreter from Vienna, has been very actively engaged in Translation and Interpretation research over the past five years or so. Besides his research duties at the Institut für Übersetzer- und Dolmetscherausbildung der Universität Wien, he is the Secretary General of the recently founded European Society for Translation Studies, and has published about 10 papers since 1989. Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln is the published version of his dissertation having the same title, completed at the University of Vienna in 1992.

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