Book review
Katrin Van Bragt, Lieven D'hulst & José Lambert. Bibliographie des traductions françaises (1810–1840): Répertoires par disciplines
Leuven: Presses Universitaires de Louvain, 1995. xxvii + 1033 pp. ISBN 90-6186-707-X 3250 BEF (Symbolae Series A, 21).
Katrin Van Bragt, Lieven D'hulst & José Lambert. Bibliographie des traductions françaises (1810–1840): Répertoires et analyses électroniques. Biblio TF: CD-ROM
Leuven: Presses Universitaires de Louvain, 1996. ISBN 90-6186-780-0 3250 BEF

Reviewed by Anthony Pym
Calaceite [Spain]
Table of contents

Here it is at long last: the fruit of some 17 years of bibliographical research, more than 1,000 pages of catalogued material, more than 12,000 entries, indices of authors and translators, and a CD-ROM version that enables all sorts of searches to be made, specific corpora to be extracted, multiple analytical graphics to be seen dancing on the screen, instantaneously, in colour, and with relative confidence in the quality of the research. This, I believe, deserves to become a milestone in the long-term development of empirical translation history. If I should have few minor quibbles to append, let them by no means detract from the basic fact that this is a very, very impressive piece of work. The researchers, especially Katrin Van Bragt, who did much of the hard slogging, merit our sincere gratitude.

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